We are on a dual mission to reduce healthcare providers' workload through an innovative EHR solution and empowering patients by providing an AI-assisted
self-diagnosis solution.

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About Us

We are a passionate team with a great combination of experience and skills across Life Sciences and Information Technology domains. We possess a core synergy of thoughts while respecting our complimentary backgrounds and perspectives. In addition to our core domain/functional knowledge, we also have such diverse skills as Project/Product Management, Systems Architecture, Clinical Research and Microfluidics.


WISE Doctor® is a new-age EHR System designed from ground-up to make the job of healthcare providers easy and enhances their treatment capabilities, powered by a proprietary platform, WISE (short for, Workflow Information System for Enterprise), which is an intuitive, work-flow, queue and role-based system that aligns and adopts seamlessly to the Doctors' and Clinics' specific needs. It enhances the productivity of Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, Admin staff and provides the most comprehensive information to Patients to assist them with their healthcare pre, during and post their Doctor visit.
BlooBerry® uses an AI powered, homely,self-diagnostics device to test any individual's blood using the state-of-the-art Microfluidic technology. Unlike other devices which rely on historic data, BlooBerry® learns and improves based on real-time data of the individual's blood sample, to diagnose wide array of diseases including Neurological, Cardiovascular, Cancer etc. BlooBerry® delivers fast, reliable results at very affordable rates to serve as a health monitoring tool of choice for the common man.